Al Halal Online Meat Factory  has been started by a bunch of food enthusiasts who want to revolutionize the way people look and buy fresh meat in India. Al Halal Online Meat Factory is an online platform to buy fresh fish, chicken, and meat products online. It also provides wide range of ready to eat fish, chicken and meat products. Al Halal Online Meat Factory is transforming the way fresh meat products are purchased in India by enabling anyone to order fresh meat products delivered on-demand. Our seamless application and delivery workflow will change the way customers buy and receive Meat products. Our reliable, fast and affordable order and delivery workflow will ensure a happy customer. We empower locals to buy local and build your local economy.

Our Mission:  Al halal the online meat factory is to establish beneficial business relationships with customer’s who share our commitment to  quality and competitive pricing. We work hard every day to make our products highest quality and value, be healthy and nutritious.

Our Vision: To become the India’s leading Consumer Company to provide online food services in India as well as in future we try to expand it overseas also. Al halal the online meat factory inspire healthier communities by connecting people to real food and promote great-tasting, healthy meat & its related products.